Yacht Transport

When it Comes Down to the Nitty-Gritty, Peace of Mind Truly Matters…

In the old days when yacht lifting was nonexistent, your cruises were confined to the base and range of your yacht, as well as the limited maritime resources at your disposal. As keen and skilled as erstwhile boat owners were, they found their wings clipped, their horizons curbed!

Since 1979, transporting yachts — and fulfilling dreams — for private owners from all over the world has been the cornerstone of our success. With our help, any far-off cruising ground you fancy is within easy reach. Now, you can let your “fair maiden” show her true colours, and cherish every moment you spend with her!

The advantages are many entrusting your yacht to CoboShip:


Vacation time is quality time. Going the fare on your own keel can really dampen your holiday spirits, if it didn’t exhaust you first. The longer the journey, the harder the grind — It’s just not worth it! Why waste precious time on a long, laborious escort from A to B, when you can simply enjoy your destination to the fullest? Leave everything to us and maximal yachting pleasure will always be yours!

Wear and Tear

Every yacht owner aspires to arrive "shipshape" at his favourite playground… and cruise in high style. By choosing a wrong delivery mode, you are subjecting yourself to the nagging apprehension of unwanted wear and tear, untimely equipment failure or worse, outright damage! Well, rest easy; these potential hazards simply vanish when you go with CoboShip instead.


Using our expertise eliminates the headache of organizing a full escort crew plus oodles of collateral materiel… Without a doubt, CoboShip is THE no-hassle, cost-saving alternative… so forget about the headaches and kiss your aspirins goodbye!

Safety and security

Despite infrequent reports, piracy and other illicit activities still occur on the high seas. With CoboShip at your side, you can bypass unwanted threats and steer clear of harms way — judiciously!

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We’ve created a dedicated page on how to prepare your yacht for long-range transport. Follow this guide closely and you would have covered just about everything required for sound priming and swift delivery.