Heavy Lift Cargo

Monthly Sailings for Yacht/Project Cargo ex Far East/Asia to US East Coast & Gulf, Caribbean, Phuket, Thailand & Vicinity

Don't Bother Raising a Single Finger, We’ll Do The Heavy-Lifting For You!

Besides handling yacht delivery, CoboShip also develops innovative logistics solutions and provides consultancy on logistics projects. For instance, we were the only Hong Kong logistics operator to be commissioned by France Telecom Marine to be their Logistics Support Agent for a series of submarine fiber-optic cabling projects.

Notwithstanding the complexities of shipping non-containerized cargoes nowadays, we maintain regular container and breakbulk ships plying between Asia, North America, Europe, Mid-east and Australia.

In the area of overland logistics, our group has had our "frontier" presence established on the Trans-Siberian Land Bridge (TSR) as early as 1982. As one of the first logistics operator to initiate service there, we are now the most experienced freight agent in this fast-growing region, committed as ever to ensuring smooth delivery and timely fulfillment, as well as meeting the diverse needs of each and every consignor.

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