Specialist Equipment

Every Time You Sail, She Cradles You Snug Like A Child… Isn’t It Time You Do Her Justice, Now That She’s Sailing Out On Her Own?

CoboShip is among the very few Asian yacht transport specialists capable of shipping your prized vessel on a proprietarily built Cradle System. Our design-patented units are meticulously developed for optimum versatility and strength. To ensure even the “heavy-weights” are readily sustainable, our cradles are produced with the best forging craftsmanship there is, using only raw materials of the finest grade. The resulting assemblies are virtual power packs capable of accommodating yachts of any make and model with sizes up to 300 feet (90 meters) long.

With safety and security of your yacht as our Number-One Concern, every operational procedure is planned and executed with prudence. To stay on course, our field team takes the time to check — and for good measure, re-check — all webbing fixities at every loading stage… Suffice it to say, we do everything in our power to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Though it may look simple, it's anything but a breeze. Poring over innumerable details of the loading process is intense and painstaking work. Yet CoboShip is enthusiastic as always, because we know — Our Diligence Is Your Peace Of Mind!

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