30+ Years of Specialty Shipping... in Asia and Across the Seven Seas!

As an international shipping hub, Hong Kong has been blessed with a head start of over 150 years, and a unique, colourful history in international shipping. Today, Hong Kong remains one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated maritime gateways to both the Western Pacific rim and the thriving Chinese hinterland.

Based strategically in Hong Kong, CoboShip works with an extensive network of container liners and break-bulk vessel operators across Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. As a leading purveyor of customized specialty logistics services, we take pride in our flexibility in selecting the most time-efficient and cost-effective routes, and to oversee all shipping movements to the satisfaction of our customers.

Dedication and professionalism are the principles we live by. Along with our comprehensive, steadfast industry affiliation, we’ve continuously maintained a “No CARGO Claim” track record of over twenty five years (...and counting). Our insistence on quality service have made us a leader in both yacht transport and heavy-lift operations in the Asia-Pacific region – the world’s most dynamic and competitive shipping market today.

With decades of unrivaled experience in specialized project cargo, CoboShip stands ready as your dependable logistics partner every step of the way.... Nothing is too big, too heavy, or too difficult for us to handle!