Yacht Transport

Earning The Seal of Approval From Marine Industry Professionals

Our group has extensive experience in handling the finest product lines of the world’s most established yacht manufacturers and dealers. We’ve earned the respect of industry professionals with our firm management grip on deliveries of high-end yachts and all kinds of marine crafts. Our thorough understanding of the wide variation in port practices, and our ability to steer projects swiftly through a maze of operational pitfalls, has won us many cordial relationships over the years.

Nowadays, boat builders are releasing new models faster than ever. With every yacht model boasting its own set of characteristics, we take special care to study the contours and specifications of each and every yacht we are entrusted with.

Here at Coboship, securing and preserving the incipient condition of the transiting yacht always come first. Our Cradles — the key element in yacht shipping, are always procured to exact vessel specifications and fabricated to the highest possible standards. In the field, every lashing is applied for maximum stability and checked for optimum consistency from stem to stern, leaving nothing to chance… Only this level of dedication could afford the best possible protective synergy your precious cargo calls for.

In short, we make it our mission to be the best yacht service specialist money can buy!

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